Hi, Thanks for checking out our writings and rantings! This is a place where Chrissie (Making Waves Founder) will be sharing stories of the amazing women she meets and photographs on her travels, and projects she loves and supports.


Before I started Making Waves Global I began a film project with my surfer buddy and film maker Bronwyn Harvey and we are now in the final stages of fruition...

In 2013 after joining the London Surf Club, I met a kindred spirit and storyteller Bronwyn Harvey. We bonded over our love of surfing and film. At the time we were both landlocked and living in London. Far from the surf, we would get up in the middle of the night & drive down to the coast in the hope that conditions would be right and we would be able to catch some waves. It would often cost us a ton of money, for very little rewards but it was always worth it to just get out into the ocean. 

Our mad dashes to the ocean made us wonder what was it that made us keep on going back time after time when we were greeted with freezing cold conditions and often slow progress. We then came upon an idea to explore our obsession with other female surfers and see what their motivations were. This then turned into our film “Undercurrents” 

Undercurrent - 5 female surfers from Jersey (UK) together with a Neuroscientist; Dr Tamara Russell explore why

surfing takes over your life. Characters include a SUP(er) mum; Verity Thomas, Surfing champion Arlene Maltman, Yogi and environmentalist Natalie Fox, Longboarder Phoebe Gould as well as the GB Junior Team, Kitty Brewer. They are asked, 'What is the shared motivation that makes us go back, time and time again, irrespective of cold waves, repeated wipe outs, injuries and often relentlessly slow progress with little rewards?".

We are now in the production stages of the film and hope to have it ready for release in 2018. If you would like to sponsor or support us in anyway, please feel free to email us at  christinaj.baldwin@gmail.com or sayhello@bronwynharvey.com or use the contact form on this website.