GRAZIELLA JONES - Competitor. Overcame her fear of being in the ocean. 

graziella jones.JPG

What’s your biggest surfing achievement?

'The most proud thing, I have done surfing is nose riding but surfing pregnant was the best thing. I did it up to about 8 months. When I was 5 months, I went out in the biggest waves I have ever surfed . It was awesome. My adreneline was rushing. I could feel him turning inside me.'

Originally from the UK, Graziella has been surfing for 22 years and now lives and works in Sayulita, Mexico, with her partner and son.  

What do you love about surfing?

'What isn’t there to love about it…my most favourite thing is to hear my fins cutting through the wave. When its a crystal, clear, glass day. The sun’s behind you and you’ve got those dimaond sparkles coming at you and the fins are just cutting the waves. I love that, it means everything. And then seeing a turtle out there popping his head up'. 

What would you say to people wanting to give surfing a go and what they’ll get out of it?

'Watch out! It’ll change your life. It’s not a sport, it’s a lifestyle. Once you get hooked into it, once you know it, you can’t go back!'

Her son is now surfing competetively. Do you think your son was inspired by having parents who surf? 'Oh yeah definitely! He was 3 weeks old when I put him in the water.'