What is The Making Waves Movement?

We love surfing, and we want to help even more people experience the positivity and this passion that has changed our lives.

With the support of world champions and global surfing organisations, the 'Making Waves Movement' was started to empower women to be active, passionate,  embrace nature and live their freedom.

How? By assembling the largest and most dynamic collection of stories of women who are 'going all out,' driving the vision for women around the world to live without boundaries. The goal is to inspire 1 million more women around the world to be actively surfing by 2020.

Girls in Surfing Media. No girls allowed?

There is not enough encouragement and support to retain young women getting into surfing. Female surfing media interest is low and often objectifies women rather than promoting achievement and inspiring others.

The Making Waves Movement is underpinned by a belief that women thrive and shine from doing what they love. The movement raises the profile of womens' surfing, lobbies for more coverage and sponsorship, drives social and environmental change and most of all inspires women to be active, enjoy the freedom of surfing.


Interested in becoming a 'making waves' Ambassador?'

Do you love surfing for fun or for competition? Are you passionate about sharing your passion with others? The movement is looking for confident free surfers, beginners and professionals, to become ambassadors. All kinds of surfers are welcome as long as you have heaps of enthusiasm and you’re happy to share 'your story' in and out of the water. Why? To have a positive impact on the lives of others and enhance the lifestyles of women around the world.

'Making Waves' Ambassadors believe in community, collaboration, courage, creativity, environment and freedom!  As an ambassador you will share your story (video, photo, words or all) and receive publicity and exclusive access to the stories of surfing game changers. A real chance to connect and share your sport with thought leaders and surf organisations making a difference in the world.