What can we do to reduce water pollution and water consumption?

Spending time at Ebb and Flow I focused on their work with Waste Water Treatment Systems as well as the Therapeutic aspects of water with Flowforms. Asking the question, 'what can we do to reduce water pollution and water consumption, I discovered unexpected and thought provoking perspectives and solutions.

WasteWater Treatment Systems

Visiting Pippa's pond system for sewage treatment.

Pippa, had a system put into her back garden by Ebb and Flow seven years ago.  'It's been brilliant! We've spent money on doing something absolutely lovely. And it works!' before then '...we had an old septic tank that needed to be replaced. Each year it was getting smellier and smellier and more and more expensive.'. Ebb and Flow designed and created a wastewater treatment system for sewage to move through and be brought into environmental balance. They used organic and biodynamic thinking in the designing and landscaping of the garden and ponds which led to the use of Flowforms to aerate the water.

Therapeutic Garden's

"The rhythmic flow of the Flowform, slow's down one's feeling. It adds an extra dimension to the garden and a wonderful for de-stressing and relaxation" 

"I work in London and after a very stressful day in London and stressful journey home, sitting here for 10 minutes it's almost like your heart rate slows down with it...It's not only a beautiful sound and visual but also brings wildlife into the garden." Ebb & Flow clients.