New Year, New Dreams! Hawaii Anyone?

So how many of you out there have ever dreamed going to Hawaii for a surfing adventure? For anyone looking for far flung places, I’d definitely recommend it. You will get the chance to surf beach, point and reef breaks and be surrounded by surfing icons of the past, present and future.

Before I arrived, I was warned that it wouldn’t be the tropical idyl of my imaginings and I would be made to feel unwelcome catching waves. Well there were some tower blocks, and like most places you can experience a bit of localism. But Hawaii is still very beautiful and if you adopt the ‘Aloha’ spirit and go to surf breaks that are within your skill level, you will have an amazing time in the water.

I surfed mainly on the south of the island at long boarding breaks. Taken out by local surfers, I was told any rules of the breaks and shown ways to get across tricky reefs and entry points. The waves on the north shore were definitely out of my league but great fun to watch women and men out there. Surprisingly, around Banzai Pipeline it's not particularly built up or commercial -just a beach close by to the roadside.

Maui is a magical place and again you have access to a whole range of waves to play on and many inspirational women to meet and surf with. I spent one week in Maui at the Maui Surfer Girl’s Headquarters - an awesome group of female surf instructors who include pioneer big wave surfer Dustin Tester, Cristiane Martins an epic water women, pro surfer Kelly Potts-who runs free monthly surf clinics for local girls and a whole gang truly inspiring women.

Surfing travel tips for Hawaii

  • Get in touch with local female surf groups /instructors when venturing out to different breaks -they will help you get the best out of your Hawaii surfing experience and connect you with some great new friends (In Oahu I went with Colleen Kudo : Ocean Girl Project found on Facebook & in Maui, the Maui Surfer Girls.

  • Enjoy getting to know more about the history and culture of Hawaiian surfing by watching these two great films: The Legend of Eddie Aikau & The Hana Surf Girls.

    What's next? Mexico and Nicaragua...