Photo Credit: Gina Mills

Photo Credit: Gina Mills

  WAHINE's of the WORLD

Wahine : A female surfer, a Queen, a Woman. The word originates from Hawaiian & Polynesian culture and is a respectful nod to the historical roots of this ancient surfing tradition. Wahine’s of the World is a collection of stories that share in celebrate our female surfing journey’s from around the globe.

Whether you are just beginning or a seasoned pro, send us your story and inspire your sisters, mothers, friends, aunts, partners, workmates, daughters, nieces, grandmothers, granddaughters, to get involved and give surfing a go! 

Send us your surfing photo, name, age, how long you have been surfing and anything you would like to share with us about your surfing journey! You can email us at: or and we will share it with our ever growing female surfing community here at Making Waves Global. 

WAHINE'S OF THE WORLD                                                                                                                                                 


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