On my journey around the globe my aim is to capture moments that define the human experience of surfing and tell the stories that create action; action to empower woman to be active and live their freedom through surfing; leading to happier, healthier and huge lives!

Upcoming events:


27/07/15 - 02/08/15 - Vans US Open, Huntington Beach California.

09/09/15 - 20/09/15 - Trestles Women’s Pro, Lower Trestles California.

25/09/15 - 27/09/15 - ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship. 

Over the coming months  I will be interviewing and photographing some awesome organisations and thought leaders in Hawaii, Mexico, Guetemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Magazines should contact me for real time event photography, video and articles that shake things up!